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Eva Groeneveld-Deussen
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Is everything in your company running like clockwork?

Are you looking for happy and loyal customers? Then you also have to focus your business processes towards your customers! The success of your company in the tourism and transport business also greatly depends on this.

Using your services should be easy and convenient for your customers, even if the internal business processes in transport and tourism are extremely complex. Your employees with direct customer contact have to wholeheartedly stand behind customer orientation. - And at the same time you would also like to reduce costs...

Too much at once? No! Let us coordinate these goals together and decisively

  • uncover inefficient and unclear steps in need of improvement in your business processes,
  • improve your business processes in such a way that they become economical, customer-oriented and error-proof,
  • develop business process for new transport and tourism offers,
  • summarise business processes clearly and comprehensibly in a process handbook,
  • coordinate business processes between different markets and products.

Your customers will appreciate the difference!

From your workday: Processes are running wild

Somewhere there is a spanner in the works. The processes at your company are not running as smoothly as they should. You only have a small budget to spend on resolving this.

For such cases, edeuco has a small but effective package: a “Mystery Check” with a planning, execution, documentation and evaluation. And you can quickly get things moving again: in services and products, at the check-in or check-out, when registering, at the info desk, with your employees' handling of customer complaints or deviations from the customary process.