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edeuco’s activities are diverse. Here you can find a few examples of past projects to provide a flavour of edeuco’s work. The customers ranged from airports and tour operators, international railway companies and providers of business travel management to business hotels and spa resorts.


Air traffic

Marketing consulting (German airport)

Print media, trade shows and other means of distribution and communication – evaluation, prioritisation, selection

Marketing and distribution of “intermodality” (hub airport)

Basic strategy consultancy work
Product and process analysis of intermodal products “Rail – Fly” (booking methods, market analysis, workshops)

Intermodal directing system (hub airport)

Concept for labelling, display boards and manned information desks, customer-oriented signage elements; assets and gap analysis

Touristic services for mobile end devices (hub airport, traffic association)

Target group analysis, product development, process definition

Off-airport check-in facilities (German airports/train stations)

Market research; product development, introduction and control; business plan; business processes; marketing concept; contracts with cooperation partners

Systematic customer management (German airports)

Target group definition; process analysis and definition; key indicators; IT system selection; financing plan and schedule

Marketing strategy (German airports)

Analysis of the environment, market, and operation; strategic analysis; goals and diagnoses

Key account management (German airports)

Acquisition of international tour operators and airlines; contract development, negotiation and execution

Marketing concept (cargo broker)

Development and implementation; business plan

Corporate design (German airports)

Realignment of corporate design, corporate design manual, branding, corporate wear, print media, employee newsletter, trade show appearance

Market analyses (airlines, airports)

Low cost carriers; travel markets Asia, India, Arabic States; air passenger surveys



Workshop (railway transport company)

Marketing, distribution and processes for intermodal products

Management of intermodal products (railway company)

“Rail&Fly“, “Rail Inclusive Tours (RIT)“, “Rail&Car“ (strategy, means of pricing, communication and distribution, management of an international work group)

Intermodal vacation and mobility card (railway transport company)

Product management (cooperations with tourism associations, means of pricing, distribution and communication)



Project management of process reengineering (international tour operator)

Introduction and improvement of a new production platform (customer-oriented business and service processes along the touristic lifecycle, touristic process handbook, country-spanning process harmonisation and standardisation)

Marketing controlling (global distribution system)

Workshop for the definition of relevant key indicators and anchoring of the controlling processes in the company


Business Travel Management

Marketing and organisation concept (provider of business travel services)

Concept for the reorganisation of the marketing department

Customer loyalty programme (provider of business travel services)

Customer surveys, target group analysis, positioning, branding, product and service design, booking processes, processes between customers, call centres and providers


Hotel industry

Corporate design (business hotel)

Basic concept for the realignment of the corporate design

Mystery Check (wellness hotel)

Conception, execution, evaluation and documentation



Protocol (soccer world championship 2006)

Protocol and processes for the support of VIPs, employee trainings

Planning and execution of major events (touristic industry association, airport, railway)

Airport terminal and train station opening, supporting programme, VIP receptions, customer events



Online marketing (media industry)

Website development (structure, text, positioning, branding)

Business processes (media industry)

Development and documentation of the business processes online and offline