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Eva Groeneveld-Deussen
Elsterstraße 36
D-04109 Leipzig


T +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 60
F +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 61
E eva.groeneveld@edeuco.de

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established, determined, knowledgeable

You would like to keep your transport or tourism company completely focused on your customers and control your costs at the same time? edeuco will support you in this process with its trade and industry knowledge and will be dedicated to your task.

This is what you can do with the transport and tourism consulting by edeuco:

  • develop ideas,
  • analyse your current situation in a pragmatic and substantiated manner,
  • develop customised, doable, concrete solutions,
  • implement concepts, products and services,
  • evaluate all steps.


Components of the tourism and transport consulting by edeuco:


You can order either the entire chain or individual components.

You don’t want to start any major projects right now but still handle topics that you consider to be burning issues?
How about this ...
From your workday: You lose a major customer

It’s eight o’clock in the morning. You are the CEO or marketing and sales director of an airport company and arrive at your office in a good mood. The phone rings, it’s your colleague: “I just found out. Stop-Air is cancelling their air service with us right now.” Worst case! Your plans for the day are suddenly in disarray... Would it have happened the same way if you had a systematic customer management? Most likely not.

Working with you and your staff, edeuco helps implement systems to prevent such situations arising in the future. Together we will conduct an actual-state analysis, define your goals and target groups, determine who has what responsibility, develop processes for contact with your customers, decide on a computer solution and specify a schedule and the budget.