edeuco - eva deussen consulting

Eva Groeneveld-Deussen
Elsterstraße 36
D-04109 Leipzig


T +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 60
F +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 61
E eva.groeneveld@edeuco.de

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is a certified geographer (Diplom-Geografin) and founded
edeuco eva deussen consulting in 2004


Professional information:

  • edeuco – eva deussen consulting, Leipzig/Germany
    Founder and owner

  • Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding, Leipzig/Germany
    Member of the extended board, head of corporate marketing

  • Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
    Product manager for cooperations with airline companies, tour operators and car rental companies

  • Other activities in tourism
    NUR-Travel Agency (Germany)
    German National Tourist Board (Italy)
    Ötztal Tourismus (Austria)
    Hotel industry (France, Great Britain)
    Tour guide (Spain, Italy, Germany)


Academic information:

  • Harz College, Wernigerode/Germany
    Lecturer tourism industry/tourism management, topic: "Mobility and transport carrier management - rail"

  • University of Trier/Germany
    University degree, tourism geography (business economics, geography and marketing; specialist subject: tourism and transport industry)


International information:

  • Experience and contacts
    Projects and business contacts in companies and organisations in the tourism and transport industry in countries such as Great Britain, France, Italy, USA, Singapore

  • Foreign languages
    - English (business fluent)
    - French (very good)
    - Italian (very good)


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