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Intermodality – moving seamlessly on rail and road, in the water and in the air

Traveling should be convenient, quick, simple and inexpensive. Is it possible to have this if the travellers have to switch between different means of transport? Yes: Intermodality makes it possible, for example through:

  • rail and flight schedules that are coordinated with each other,
  • punctual connections,
  • off-airport check-in,
  • consistent luggage handling and ticketing,
  • information that spans all means of transportation,
  • consistent rain protection and various other conveniences.

Intermodality is a win-win situation for airlines, bus and rail companies, airport operators, tour operators and sea ports: They become more attractive to their customers and can split the costs of a shared offer. However, getting there is not so simple - and therefore a good "tour guide" such as edeuco is worth a lot.

edeuco is your contact point for all questions about intermodality:

  • Analysis of the situation and potential,
  • Calculation of the cost-efficiency of intermodal offers,
  • Development of new or improvement of existing intermodal offers,
  • Marketing concepts for intermodal offers,
  • Contract development between the seamless travel partners,
  • Ongoing support and evaluation of intermodality projects.

edeuco seamlessly combines specialised knowledge and practical experience along the entire travel chain and will develop consistent overall concepts for intermodal solutions with you. Together, with stirring energy and winning dedication, we will get cooperation partners on board (or into other means of transportation).

How can edeuco help you to design successful intermodality and get your customers excited about it?

  • ”Mystery Check“ at the airport, train station, sea port or bus station: How intermodal are you really? (Arrival with bus/train/car/parking, direction system, ticket sales, customer communication)
  • Marketing and distribution strategy for intermodal products
  • Off-airport check-in, for example at train stations
  • Moderation of discussions and negotiations between transport carriers and industry
  • Core subjects of intermodality: luggage handling, communication and information, ticketing, mobile services