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Eva Groeneveld-Deussen
Elsterstraße 36
D-04109 Leipzig


T +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 60
F +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 61
E eva.groeneveld@edeuco.de

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Then you will be aware of the simple but powerful formula:


Companies that focus their marketing and processes to the needs of their customers have highly satisfied customers, a regular flow of new business, and can celebrate sustainable economic success.

edeuco – eva deussen consulting helps you keep your customers in focus, take a leap forward – and even save costs. Try edeucoand see: the results will please you as well as your customers!


This is edeuco:

1. Services Consulting and project management for tourism and transport
3. Your benefits pragmatic, experienced,
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