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Eva Groeneveld-Deussen
Elsterstraße 36
D-04109 Leipzig


T +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 60
F +49-(0)341 – 14 99 14 61
E eva.groeneveld@edeuco.de

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Structured, tightly organised, human – even in crisis situations

Would you like to introduce new products or processes? Of course this should work quickly, function economically, and deliver a certain quality. How would it be if you outsourced the project management? That way you could save internal resources and avoid target conflicts.

edeuco organises your tourism or transport project in a targeted and economical manner, working with you and your employees. Your service, schedule and cost specifications are the supreme imperative here. edeuco also provides high social competence, dedicated commitment, functional skills and experience in project management for tourism and transport.

And when things do not go to plan? edeuco treats crisis situations with professionalism and will find a solution.


From your workday: Your project is stalling

You are leading an international tourism or transport project. Unfortunately, at the moment it is going anything but smoothly: Although no one can surpass your team on a functional level, you still can’t quite move forward. At every meeting, there are endless discussions about details while the deadline looms... Who could help with this? Who can bring your team in line and still have the needed functional knowledge?

With edeuco, the management of your project is in good hands. This means: keeping the project goal in focus, maintaining an overview, differentiating between “important” and “urgent”, preparing and moderating workshops, supporting your team and providing coordination skills for effective cooperation with other teams.